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Invisa Lace Melting Spray

Invisa Lace Melting Spray

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Invisa-Lace Melting Spray is a multi use product. Used to melt your lace to perfection or as a glueless method. Paired with our Nah Let Go lace adhesive or our glue less gel your install will surely give you scalppppp!!

It can be removed with water and does not leave a heavy residue.


1. Clean all residues and dirt around hairline.

2. Spray 2-3 thin layers above hairline for glue-less installs. For a stronger hold use with our Glue-Less Gel.

3. For melting of the lace spray one even layer around hairline and tie down. Please note glue must be dry before applying spray.

3. For glue-less wait until melting spray becomes tacky or dry with blow dryer.

4. For glue-less apply lace onto the tacky substance that you created above your hairline and tie down.

5.Spray more layers until lace is completely adhered.

6.Tie down for 10-15 minutes for best results.

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